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Fall/Winter Enjoyment!

If you are anything like me, then you tend to sort of hibernate during the fall and winter. The air temperature is colder and it is dark by 5:30. This year, I have taken a vow to find things to do that will make these months more enjoyable. It is easy to get into a rut when things, even weather and temperature, aren’t ideal. During the next few months, it will be imperative that we keep our minds focused on the things of God and the things that are good(Philippians 4:8). Here are 10 ways you can enjoy the fall and winter months…

1. This time of year is great for crock potting!! Search for new recipes and try them out. You may find a new favorite.

2. Make some s’mores. If you can’t invest in a fire pit, keep it simple. The stove will always suffice.

3. Buy some new books to read. The cold months are a perfect time to sharpen the mind while you stay inside and keep warm.

4. If it snows, go outside and enjoy it! If you have children, play with them in the snow. If you do not, play with the neighbors kids. If the neighbors don’t have children, simply go for a walk in the snow. A neighborhood covered in snow is absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

5. Exercise! It is easy to get into a rut because it is cold. Exercise does not have to take place outside or in the gym. You can buy DVDs for the house or you can simply go to You Tube and search for workout videos. There are thousands of them on there.

6. If you are able, take a mini vacation. Hotel rates tend to be cheaper during these months because there are less people traveling. You may come across some great deals!

7. Get started on that new hobby/project you keep putting off.

8. Make plans to visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

9. Don’t throw away your fall/winter clothes. Donate them to a shelter or non-profit organization. Every little bit helps!

10. Most importantly, use your extra time inside to spend time with GOD. I know you won’t regret it.

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