Destiny Flocks Together

For the past two weeks, I have continuously seen clips from a series of sermons T.D. Jakes has been preaching about destiny. Unfortunately, I have had very little time to sit down and complete the series. However, the other day I did get to watch 30 minutes of his “Destiny Flocks Together” sermon. I had been tagged by a friend in a clip from the sermon earlier in the week and was intrigued by what he was saying. To say the clip was on time would be an understatement. During this time of increase, God is revealing to us who truly has our back. It has been taking place in my life and I am certain it has been taking place in yours as well. While this time of pruning may be uncomfortable and hurtful, it is necessary. Jakes referenced how birds only fly with those who are going somewhere. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a flock of birds where one was kind of “doing its own thing.” Birds understand the power of the flock and they know they are stronger together than they are apart. As the weeks go on, embrace the pruning of your flock. The Lord will reveal those who can and cannot accompany you on your flight. Trust Him in this. He is the best pilot there is.

Sister to Sister

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