It seems like we say this every year-“this year is going by fast.” But is it just me or is 2015 moving very rapidly. Here we are entering into the last month of the first quarter. I wonder how many of us are still making good on our resolutions or promises we for ourselves when the clock struck midnight. Are we truly focusing on living a healthier lifestyle? Have we started saving money yet? Have we activated anything on our plan to reduce our debt? Have we taken steps to make our career dreams come true? Have we called up that friend we need to forgive? Have we truly cast all our cares upon Him?

These are the questions to ask ourselves because time is not going to stop but you can stop yourself if you focus too long on what you haven’t done. It is perfectly fine to examine yourself-the word commands us to do so. It is what we do after the examination that dictates our immediate future. James 2:26 tells us faith without works is dead. It is not enough to write down a plan, we must act on it. Even if we are not sure how things are going to turn out, put some faith on it. Even if we face opposition, put some faith on it. Even if it feels like we take one step forward only to take four steps back, put some faith on it. We can’t afford to let time keep passing us by while we wait for the “perfect time” to do what we know we need to do. Just do it and trust that GOD will be there in the midst of your quest to accomplish that which He has commanded you to do.

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