His Eye is on the Sparrow, and us too!

One morning I opened my eyes and I was greeted by a sweet sound. A bird chirping. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I got back in my bed to read my morning devotional. When I finished, I decided to close my eyes for a few minutes to enjoy some quiet moments with God. As I lay there, the bird continued to sing its song. While listening, my mind immediately fell on the scripture about the sparrow. The bird who had no worries and had no reason to worry. I could tell by the song of the bird outside my window that it had no worries as well. I could hear no stress in its voice. It did not seemed to be worried about what could possibly happen today. It did not seem to be stressing about what it would eat today. It was not even phased by the fact that it was raining. This particular morning, nothing was going to stop it from singing. After listening for a few minutes, the song of the bird was interrupted by a loud, familiar sound: a train whistle. Once its announcement of arrival was over, I was once again greeted by the melody of the bird. It had not missed a beat. Then it hit me! We should be more like that bird. We should sing the praises of our God who tells us over and over that we are not to worry because we can cast all our cares upon Him. It tells us that we should walk by faith and not by sight for with god nothing shall be impossible. The word also tells us that we should stand firm on His promises and not waver in our faith. So even when the loud distractions come, we should continue to focus on Him and sing His praises. Just like the bird.

Sister to Sister

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